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Rezzimax Australia

Sensory Pack

Sensory Pack

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The Sensory Pack includes multiple attachments to add to your Rezzimax Tuner Pro plastic tip for more stimulation in particular areas. More options for more stimulation.

Straw: Can be used in the mouth with food in it or ice or on the vagus nerve point in the outer ear or as a soft version of the tongs for smaller children.

Oral Accessory: Stimulates the jaw, the mouth, and the tongue.

Finger Tip: Great inside the mouth when using the Rezzimax Tuner Pro on the cheeks or jaw.

Earphones: Put them in your ears, wrap the cord around the Rezzimax Tuner Pro, and place it on your upper heart = heart-brain connection.

This pack is full of great things to play around with and see if one or all are great for you!

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