Stress Mode Rezzipe

Stress Mode

• Breathe normally for 20-30 seconds while thinking about all the details you can recall about a particular stressful event, and become aware of any senses you can recall, such as sights, sounds, smells, feeling, time of day and year, who you were with, etc. The goal is to briefly bring up the stress chemicals from the sympathetic nervous system caused during the particular events. Take a big breath of air and then let the air out in 3 distinct chunks (out, hold, out, hold, out the rest of the way.) The hold is brief and then continue breathing out. This causes breakup of trauma chemicals.
• When the breath is fully out of the lungs, hold at this state for as long as you can (while pulling for all you can!)
• It is at this stage, when the breath is all out of your lungs, that you need to tell yourself to stop thinking about the stressful event and begin thinking about the things that are most important to you. Thinking about the things for which you are profoundly grateful will provide your brain with material with which it can build new connections as you break up the chemicals of prior stressful events. Think of as many “gratitude and happy thoughts” as you can until you cannot wait any longer to come up for air. When you must finally breathe in, relax completely and breathe deeply for several seconds before performing the exercise again.
• Performing this exercise creates a vacuum state in the brain where you can shut off the chemicals of the stressful event (and anxiety and depression and allergy and…) chemicals and turn on the growth and healing chemicals. This heals wounds created by past experiences and future fears. You will be confusing the chemicals associated with the stressful event and breaking them up! Remember, wait until you absolutely need to, to come up for air!
• You can close your eyes during this whole process if you wish. 

Repeat the process seven times. Perform daily for 6 weeks for best results. Note pain/stress level on a scale of 1-10 at the end of the exercise.

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