Primitive Reflexes | Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex Rezzipe

Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR) - Flexing of the Neck and arms together, and extending the neck while the arms move apart. 

Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR) can happen when the baby is on its stomach or back. In the extension position, the baby pulls its head and shoulders back while it stretches out its arms and legs. It then returns to the flexion or fetal position with the head down and limbs tucked in. Flexion begins as early as 12 weeks after conception, while extension reflexes manifest at birth. It can take up to three years for inhibition to occur. TLR is important in helping a newborn develop head and neck control and helps to become acclimated to gravity.


  • Poor Posture
  • Poor Muscle Tone
  • Poor Visual and Spatial Perception
  • Poor Sequencing
  • Difficulty with Sports
  • Difficulty with Organization
  • Difficulty with Sense of Time and Rhythm 
  • Easily Fatigued

Step 1

A woman is using the wings of the Rezzimax Tuner to scrape her arm, starting from her fingers and ending at the base of her neck.

  • Tuner: Accessory Clear Tip
  • Intensity: Highest Tolerable Level
  • Pressure: Light
  • Duration: 20 Minutes a Day/3 Times a Week

Set the intensity of the Tuner to the highest level you're able to tolerate. Start on the side of the body that's weakest. Using a moderate amount of pressure, use the wing of the Tuner to scrape your entire body starting from your toes and moving up towards your head. Once you've finished scraping the weakest side of your body, do the same thing to the other side. We want to give the weak side of your body twice as much attention. Go back and scrape it one more time. Do this for 20 minutes every day, at least three times a week.

Step 2

A woman has placed the Rezzimax Tuner into the Runner's Pack and is strapping it to her waist so that the Tuner is resting on her back, slightly towards the weaker side of her body.

  • Tuner: Runner's Pack
  • Intensity: Green or Blue Mode
  • Pressure: Moderate
  • Duration: 30-60 Minutes Every Day

For this step, you can choose between the green or blue modes. Grab your runner's pack and place your Tuner inside, zipping it closed. Strap the pack so that the mesh side is against your lower back. Make sure to tighten it enough to give you a moderate amount of pressure. Make sure to keep the pack on for at least 30 to 60 minutes every day with the pack oriented toward the weaker side of your body. You can also place it on your stomach.


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