Jaw & TMJ Mini Rezzipe

This Rezzipe supports your body’s natural healing response for Jaw and TMJ pain.

Step 1:

  • Optional: Extremity Strap or Rezzimax Pillow
  • Mode/Level: Comfortable Level
  • Duration: 5 Minutes
  • Pressure: Light
  • Location: Back of Neck

Place the tips of the Tuner Mini scraping edge on both sides of the neck with the Mini resting against the spine. Slowly rotate your head from side to side, keeping pressure against the device.

Step 2:

  • Mode/Level: Choose a Comfortable Level
  • Duration: 1-2 Minutes
  • Pressure: Light
  • Location: Center of Eyebrows 

Place the tips of the Tuner Mini scraping edge at center of the eyebrows.

Step 3:

  • Mode/Level: Comfortable Level
  • Duration: 1-2 Minutes
  • Pressure: Light
  • Location: Along the Jaw Line

Use the scraping edge of the Tuner Mini to scrape along the length of your jaw, starting from your mouth and ending at your ear. You can use the convex or concave edge depending on which is most comfortable. Pay special attention to any areas you find that have tension. Once you're done with the first side, go ahead and switch to the other side.

A client's experience using the Tuner Mini for Jaw Pain Relief

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